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The Ultimate Expat's Guide to Living in Australia in 2022

  Living in Australia can be an amazing experience. More and more people are making the big move to Australia, from young graduate students to adult families, and you don't have to wander far across Australia to notice the massive multiculturalism that represents the continent. Whether you've landed or are about to make the jump, here's the ultimate expat’s guide to living in Australia in 2022.

List of welfare benefits in Australia

Passport values a lot

  Nomad Capitalist, an international consulting firm, ranked 199 countries around the world based on "citizenship value" and came up with the "Nomad Passport Index" ranking, among which Australia's passport ranked 16th. The list is based on the number of countries and regions whose passports are exempt from visas, the income tax levied by the country on citizens living overseas, the country's global reputation, and the individual freedom of citizens, and the ability to hold multiple passports at the same time and other conditions are weighted, and the final result is obtained.

Perfect high welfare subsidy

  Australia is an immigrant country with the highest welfare in developed countries. There are many types of social welfare and security allowances, and all residents and citizens who have obtained the Australian green card status can enjoy their due welfare benefits. Common welfare subsidies include childcare subsidies (milk money), first-time homebuyer subsidies, unemployment benefits, 4-week paid holidays, generous pensions, etc.


  Australia has established a comprehensive national medical security system, including three parts: medical insurance system, drug subsidy plan, and medical expense safety net. Medicare basically provides everything citizens need in their daily lives, these include: everyday basic medical care, hospital-related treatment, and pharmaceutical benefits to ensure you don't owe huge amounts of money for expenses in the event of a major medical event.

Subsidized money to make up for leave, Australia has more maternity subsidies

  Australian families who have a child can receive a one-time maternity allowance of $4,000. After the child is born, it will also receive relevant government subsidies according to the different conditions of each family. In addition, in order to encourage more births, relevant Australian policies stipulate that women who meet the standards can enjoy 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 12 months of unpaid parental leave; After January 2013, fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid "father and spouse allowance" on top of 12 months of unpaid paternity leave.

Australian passport hides a lot of benefits

  Australian passport "buy one get one free", having an Australian passport is equivalent to having a permanent resident status in New Zealand, you can travel freely and are not subject to visa restrictions! At the same time, Australia has signed medical mutual assistance agreements with 11 countries in the world. Australian citizens who see a doctor in these 11 countries can enjoy the same treatment as in their own country, Australia!

185 visa-free countries for overseas travel

  Australian citizens enjoy the right to enter 185 countries and territories for short-term tourist visits without prior visa application. The freedom of the Australian passport ranks 9th in the world, tied with Canada, and is one of the most valuable passports in the world today.

Australia entry visa, three steps to apply

  To apply for an Australian visa, it can be roughly divided into three steps: understanding the type of visa, submitting an application, and tracking the progress of the application. Let’s take a look at the specific needs:

Learn about visa types

  You must first decide on the type of visa. Common types of Australian visas can be divided into two categories: student visas and visitor visas. Visitor visas include four categories: tourism, business, family visit, and group visas. The requirements for each visa are different. You can use the Find a Visa tool to find the type of visa that suits your needs.

Submit application

  For each type of visa, you can submit the visa application after you have prepared the corresponding documents, forms and materials. The fee includes the visa application fee and service fee.

Track application progress

  After submitting your visa application, you can track the progress of your application by your VLN number and date of birth.

Common visa application materials

  Regardless of the type of visa, some materials are required, including:

  original passport

  ID card

  Account book

  Proof of deposit

  Bank card usage flow

Australia's entry policy under the COVID-19

The new DPD system for entering Australia will be launched soon

  According to media reports, Australia will launch a new digital border pass - the Digital Passenger Declaration, DPD) within a few months. DPD will obtain and collect personal information such as the vaccination status of passengers 72 hours before boarding, and the data will be able to be shared with state health authorities, which will be one of the necessary procedures for future entry.

Some overseas visa holders are exempted from entry

  Eligible international travelers who have been fully vaccinated against TGA approved vaccines do not need to exempt direct entry, and holders of skilled visas, student visas, refugee visas, and temporary working holiday visas are eligible!

  Fully vaccinated (and at least 14 days have passed, two doses of TGA-approved vaccines are also considered fully vaccinated)

  Negative PCR test within three days before departure

  Hold a visa that allows entry

Introduction to the world's most livable + best retirement homes

Australia leads world's most liveable city

  The Economist, a British economic magazine, has released the TOP 10 most livable cities in 2021. This time, the evaluation criteria include stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure conditions. Particular attention was also paid to the response to the outbreak. Australian cities are still outstanding (rankings are in parentheses), Adelaide (3), Perth (6), Melbourne (9), Brisbane (10) 4 cities were included in the Top 10, Australia has become a globally recognized suitable city. place to live!

Australians' choice of the most liveable cities

  Adelaide has been selected as the most livable city by Australians for 3 consecutive years, because people here can afford a house and have a higher quality of life!

One of the best countries for retirement

  Australia's national life expectancy is relatively long, with an average of around 83 years old, and many people choose to retire in Australia after retirement, which is closely related to the Australian living environment and a sound welfare system, especially pensions and pensions. At present, the elderly care model in Australia is also diverse, there are three options, namely nursing homes, retirement villages and home care. The living environment, welfare benefits and pension models make Australia one of the most suitable places in the world for pensions!

Australia's top 10 retirement residences

  Local media have selected the top ten most popular retirement and retirement residences in Australia based on factors such as living environment, consumption level, medical facilities and housing prices:

  New South Wales: Tweed Heads, Port Macquarie

  Queensland: The Sunshine Coast, Coolangatta

  Victoria: Echuca, Mornington Peninsula

  South Australia: Adelaide Hills, Yankalilla

  Western Australia: Esperance

  Tasmania: Huon Valley

Learn about local customs to make your expat life better

How much does it cost to live in Australia per month?

  According to the latest Australian price data in 2021, the most expensive city in Australia is Sydney, and the cost of living index is 62% higher than Shanghai! Living in Sydney, you will have to prepare about 3,000 Australian dollars( about 2149 US dollars) for living expenses; if it is a family of three, you will have to prepare about 4,600 Australian dollars(about 3295 US dollars).